• Launch of a new public-private partnership to improve clinical trial infrastructure to facilitate the development of new drugs for children in Europe: Conect4children (c4c)

    Better medicines for babies, children and young people through a pan-European clinical trial network: Conect4children (c4c).
    Conect4children (collaborative network for European clinical trials for children, (c4c) is a large European network that aims to facilitate the development of new medicines and other therapies for the entire paediatric population.
    The c4c initiative consists of a multidisciplinary Consortium that comprises academia, medical institutions, industry and affiliated partners. This pan European-multidisciplinary Consortium, with a budget of €140 million through IMI2 (Innovative Medicines Initiative 2) support of € 67 million and industry partners’ in-kind contribution of € 73 million, is one of the biggest awards funded to improve clinical trial infrastructure for children and infants.
    Over the next six years, c4c consortium aims to maximize Europe’s contribution to a key area for paediatric drug development.
    Through the c4c co-ordinated collaboration across Europe, clinical trials will benefit from consistency across implementation, aligned quality standards, co-ordinated engagement with specialist and national networks as well as rigourous strategic and operationally effective trials specifically for children and infants.
    The INCIPIT Consortium is the Italian Hub of reference in c4c and as a national paediatric Consortium, it will bring together the Italian paediatric clinical research teams, in collaboration and close link with the other National Hubs and Networks of the project.
    In the role of the coordinator centre of INCIPIT, the Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù of Rome (OPBG) will act as the main link between the European network and the participating Italian centers in order to “ensure cooperation and standardization of procedures with a view to improving the way children’s medicines are developed” as said professor Paolo Rossi Director of the OPBG University Hospital Department and Chairman of INCIPIT.

  • EPTRI – European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure

    ID-EPTRI project, coordinated by CVBF and funded within the H2020-INFRADEV-01-2017 programme, aims to create the framework for a new Research Infrastructure (RI) intended to enhance technology-driven paediatric research in drug discovery and early development phases to be translated into clinical research and paediatric use of medicines.

    The project arises from the need to find answers to the serious lack of medicines for children in EU and worldwide and to propose development models for paediatric medicines that integrates technology-driven aspects with clinical trials. The interest for Paediatrics was indeed mentioned in the ESFRI Roadmap 2016 (http://www.esfri.eu/sites/default/files/20160309_ROADMAP_browsable.pdf) where it was recognised that a similar RI should be included into the landscape of the research in Europe.

    EPTRI will be a complementary RI in the context of the existing RIs covering the current gaps in paediatric medicines. The new RI will represent a “paediatric common service” with three already established Research Infrastructures (BBMRI, EATRIS, ECRIN) to harness efficiency and delivery of paediatric research activities and services strengthening collaboration within the scientific paediatric community.
    CVBF, OPBG and PENTA partners involve INCIPIT in the project activities and particularly in the WP9, which aims to promote the integration of innovative technologies in the development of pediatric drugs and clinical trials.